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Redux Gel

100% All natural Petroleum free glide.

Directions: Utilize as replacement for any other glide/lubricant.

  • Redness/inflammation reduction
  • Excellent barrier function
  • Smooth spreadable texture
  • Temperature stable to work off of glove
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Redux Cleanse

100% All Natural cleanse concentrate. Green soap and witch hazel replacement in one.

Directions: Dilute in squeeze bottle to similar % as other soaps.

  • Redness/inflammation reduction
  • Excellent astringent qualities
  • Low foaming
  • Alcohol free
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Prefix Serum

100% All natural fixative for freehand work. Helps prevent marker from wiping away during your process.


  1. Wearing a glove, apply to the skin prior to drawing on reference.
  2. Rub a small amount thoroughly into skin until completely dry. The idea is to rub “into” skin, not “onto” skin.
  3. Draw on reference utilizing solvent based marker.
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