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100% All natural petroleum-free artist’s glide, and fine aftercare.

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As an Artists Tool:
By combining unique plant extracts that have astringent qualities, and a blend of organic oils that give a smooth spreadable texture, our tattoo salve provides a petroleum free product that effectively aids in redness and inflammation reduction and is easy to work with.

As Aftercare:
Throughout all stages of the healing process and beyond, VitaliTree tattoo salve provides great benefits such as deep moisturization, and cellular rejuvenating properties, due to a combination of previously mentioned ingredients and the ultra-hydrating effects of Amazonian cupuacu butter.

Aside from tattoo care, this herbal-infused salve can revitalize dry and cracked skin, and could be used to assist in alleviating discomfort from symptoms of various skin conditions such as: *

Acne – Athlete’s Foot – Bed Sores – Burns – Cold Sores – Cracked Skin – Cradle Cap – Cuts – Diaper Rash – Dry Skin – Eczema – Poison Ivy & Poison Oak – Psoriasis – Rashes – Rosacea – Scars – Scrapes – Shingles – Sunburn – Surgical Incisions – and more…*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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