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Keep your reference rooted to the skin, with a product rooted in nature.

Our Prefix Serum was designed as the stencil “solution” for freehand artists who utilize solvent based markers to draw on their reference. This innovative product was designed utilizing a blend of different tree resins and cellulose suspended in organic grain alcohol to produce a completely natural plant based polymer which dries rapidly and creates a waterproof film that greatly reduces reference loss while working.

1) Wearing a glove, apply to the skin prior to drawing on reference.
2) Rub a small amount thoroughly into skin until completely dry.
The idea is to rub “into” skin, not “onto” skin.
3) Draw on reference utilizing solvent based marker.

Do not apply over marker drawing or stencil as it will cause the reference to bleed. Applying too thick can cause marker loading. Immediately replace cap after each use. Cleans up completely with alcohol.

Organic Grain Alcohol, Water, Pine Resin, Ethyl-cellulose, Organic Glycerin, Frankincense Resin, Myrrh Resin.